Coosaw Plantation

established in 1852

Steeped in  lowcountry history, Coosaw Plantation's roots can be traced back to Alexander Robert Chisolm- senior aide de champ to General Beauregard- and his acquisition of  the western portion of his namesake, Chisolm Island.

After a fire destroyed Palmetto Hall, the plantation home built on the property in which he resided, Chisolm sold the land to the Pacific Company which was mined for phosphate rock throughout the next 36 years. This enterprise fostered a new community complete with residences, a retail store, bar and dance hall. The main house was rebuilt and named Alligator Hall.

After several partial real estate transactions and ownership (including Edward Francis Hutton, Juan Ceballas and Legare Sanders), the plantation was sold to Albert Love who renovated and renamed Alligator Hall creating the presently known main  house, Coosaw Hall.

In 1965, Dr. Marshall Clement Sanford purchased the property along with the previously subdivided 600 acres to be used as a family farm. This property remains in the family who now welcome you to share in its beautiful history while you create your own.

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